Silurus Braided Leader 45lb

Cat & Carp Silurus Braided Hook Link


45lb / 20.5kg breaking strain

10 Meter spool

The camo brown is ideal for clay or mud lake beds

The camo green is ideal for weed and stone lake beds


This gives you the perfect presentation for catfish rigs because it is soft and supple with abrasive resistance when fishing for catfish, as it will withstand when rubbing against catfish teeth.


Available in camo brown or camo green

This can also be used as a high abrasive carp shock leader.

This is ideal for the long range and snag areas when carp fishing, such as weedy lake beds or around areas where trees are in the lakes.

Fast sinking with 5 strands making it very abrasive.

Silurus Braided Leader 45lb


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